Follow the Green and White Signs and Turn Your Scrap Into Cash

Bring your unwanted scrap metal and put money in your pocket while helping the environment.

We provide fast, friendly service while paying top prices. You will be paid for every pound of scrap using our State-Certified Scales and Custom Computerized Pay System. We also provide a weigh ticket with each transaction made. 

Since 1948, Seaton Iron & Metal Co., Inc. has provided honesty, environmentally-sound business practices, and a sincere concern for our customers. 

Our clients rely on us for dependable, end-to-end scrap management solutions and competitive pricing.  Our ferrous and non-ferrous scrap recycling division handles all types of scrap material from industrial accounts to individual scrap customers. 

We provide daily service for the following....
  • Industrial Scrap Iron & Metals
  • Industrial Warehousing
  • Ferrous Scrap Recycling
  • Non-Ferrous Scrap Recycling
  • Structural Steel Sales
  • Plant Clean Ups
  • Container Rentals and Pick-Up Service
  • Landfill Services

Call for all of your scrap metal needs 423-745-3192

Seaton Iron & Metal Co., Inc.

132 County Road 370
Athens, TN 37303

We have scrap handling machines to assist
you with unloading your material

Check out our facebook page "Seaton Iron & Metal Co., Inc" to be updated on any closings, specials, or to message us with any questions! 
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