* Services

We have a complete line of containers for your scrap metal needs from Dempsey Dumpster pans, Roll-Off pans, Flatbeds, Dump Trailers, and Van Trailers.

Seaton Iron & Metal provides a wide variety of services for our customers. Not only are we a full Scrap Recycling Center, we also provide the following services....
  • Custom Warehousing
  • Container Service
  • Scrap Material Storage
  • Handle Scrap Rejects

As pictured above, we provide Radiation Detection for all incoming and outgoing Scrap Metal along with State-Certified Weigh Scales.

Pictured above is Chris Richeson, our Dock Foreman. Chris provides our scrap customers with fast, friendly service and top pricing for recycling your Copper, Brass, Batteries, Alum, and Stainless Steel.
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